Making Complex Ideas Understandable


Gathering info and collaborating with Product and Executive stakeholders

  • Project planning and direction

  • Script writing and editing

  • Sourcing voice over talent

  • Creating storyboards and concept animatics

  • Creating illustrations from scratch

  • Motion Design (Animation)

  • Video Editing and Compositing

Team Members

  • CEO

  • Product Owner

  • Marketing Lead

  • Designer


Adobe Illustrator

Adobe After Effects

Adobe Premier Pro

Complex ideas made simple

How can we help people understand?

Analytics by SupplyPike was made to help retail suppliers make sense of their sales performance. However, due to the multiple problems it addressed, users had a hard time understanding the value. So, how could we make it easier to understand?

Explainer video to the rescue

To help our customers understand how we could help them in a simple and digestible way, we knew an explainer video was the perfect tool. My favorite part of this project was working on transitions from scene to scene. I wanted them to be creative and smooth but done in a way that keeps users engaged in the story. What made this project more special was the delight of the team and customers when it was published to the wild!

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© 2023 Ben Soto Design