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How do we make camping easier?

Our family loves camping, but hates the hassle of setting up and tearing down. It’s totally worth it, but we wanted something easier.

Hassle-free camping

After considering our options, we realized that owning a camper would be a perfect opportunity to get the convenience we were looking for and it would be an opportunity to help other families enjoy camping, too! In a partnering with close friends, we launched NWA Camping and jumped into the world of camper rentals. Our goal from the beginning has been to make camping enjoyable for families by making the process as convenient as possible. We take care of the delivery and setup to local campgrounds in NWA. All renters have to do is show up and enjoy more time with family! It’s been an iterative process of learning and thinking about how to simplify the rental experience. We started with using 3rd parties but this route comes with many additional fees. So, we will soon be testing direct booking with a flat fee and learning if this makes it better for renters. It’s been a great learning experience for us so far and we’re excited to be on this adventure together!

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© 2023 Ben Soto Design