Seamless Campaigns for Generating Leads


  • Providing creative direction

  • Drafting microcopy for email

  • Designing wireframes

  • Designing custom Hubspot Email

  • Designing graphics for each part of the sequence

  • Final design review and revisions in CRM

Team Members

  • VP of Marketing

  • Lead Content Coordinator

  • 2 Marketing Coordinators

  • Designer



Adobe Illustrator


Over 400 Leads Engaged

Challenge Header

SupplierWiki is an inbound marketing blog focused on retail supplier education. The main driver for this campaign was to rekindle audience engagement.

Solution Header

After looking at our audience data, we narrowed our focus on re-engaging inactive subscribers with a secondary goal of attracting new subscribers. We approached this by repurposing our most popular content into a bundle that users could sign up for using a single-input popup form on our home page. My goal as the designer on this project was to make the user flow feel connected and seamless by removing friction in the signup and email delivery process. This required understanding the user flow and fostering team alignment for changes needed to avoid frustrating the user.

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© 2023 Ben Soto Design