Snappy Promo Videos that Build Excitement


  • Stakeholder Interviews

  • Project planning and direction

  • Scriptwriting and editing

  • Sourcing voice-over talent

  • Creating storyboards and concept animatics

  • Creating illustrations from scratch

  • Motion Design

  • Video Editing and Compositing

Team Members

  • CEO

  • Product Owner

  • Marketing Lead

  • Designer


Adobe Illustrator

Adobe After Effects

Adobe Premier Pro

Shipping The Hype

Getting the word out

Ship by SupplyPike was made to help retail suppliers book, ship, and track freight deliveries with ease. To communicate the value and build excitement, we wanted an explainer video that would capture the simplicity, fun, and delight of the app.

That’s Ship By SupplyPike

We started with the most important part of a video project: the script. Once we had a clear and simple message nailed down everything started falling into place quickly. For this video, I decided that the transitions between scenes would move from left to right to give a sense of progress. This tied it really well with how we wanted customers to feel with the app. By keeping things simple and focusing on smooth animations, we had a finished video in just two weeks. This is still one of my favorite projects!

© 2023 Ben Soto Design

© 2023 Ben Soto Design